John Kennedy Consulting
“On Demand”

After two decades of delivering strategic planning, consulting, and training to over 250,000 audience members world-wide, I decided to create an accessible and affordable platform to each business owner, team, and individual who is committed to lifelong learning.

The videos you will discover in this “On Demand” resource library are the very same programs I have presented at conferences, conventions, and companies, and are now professionally produced and edited to grant access to all on an annual subscription basis.

From becoming an exceptional leader to creating world-class teams and each step in between, I have created scores of workshop segments driving insights, ideas, and innovations to improve your workplace culture, your customer experience, your team alignment and yourself.


Why John Kennedy Consulting On Demand

As a professional speaker, strategist and consultant, the limited amount of time that is afforded for training and development are usually found either in a conference setting or at the location of the business, agency or event. And once you are done listening and learning, the notes are then placed in a “secure” place to review at a later time…which sometimes becomes never.

That limited amount of time in dedicated learning coupled with the expense of travel, lodging and lost productivity can add up to thousands of dollars.

What would it be like if you had access to world-class lifelong learning on your own time and on your own terms at a fraction of the cost of your typical conference or on-site consulting?